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Re: [TCML] Ion generator + VDG eats my power supply

On 10/4/15 4:12 PM, msweeney23@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I tried several AAs they didnt produce anything, even over 5V. I might try the battery from my motorcycle just to see.

Either way its fun to see 1 inch arcs from a $10 device :)

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Subject: [TCML] Ion generator + VDG eats my power supply
Date: Sun, Oct 4, 2015 5:18 PM

Good idea and even AAA's should last forever if not shorted.  A 9V
transistor radio battery might work even better.


Regular old alkaline batteries have pretty high capacity. The AA size is around 2 amp-hours (at low current.. draw 2 amps, and it won't last an hour).

Anyway, a stack of C or D cells will last a good long time, and are cheap and really, really robust.

You've got a big ol VDG and motors and stuff, it's not like you need tiny or low mass.

Lead Acid might be ok, too, but getting individual 2V cells is harder.

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