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Re: [TCML] Ion generator + VDG eats my power supply

On 10/4/15 11:56 AM, msweeney23@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
It appears the HA17324a quad op amp fried. The Vn(+)2 input pin actually melted right off the IC. I assume that would be an overcurrent situation, possibly caused by some other component failing.

Is that a LM324 equivalent? It's just a regular old quad op amp. Almost any would probably work.

The data sheet for the 17324 shows a GBW product of about 500kHz.. yep it's basically a LM324 except the Renesas part has worse performance.

If you've got some TL074 or TL084s around they would probably work. If you put too high performance an amplifier in there, it might oscillate.

The HA17324a has parasitic diodes from the inputs to the positive supply, but doesn't appear to have anything to clamp the inputs going negative. as the data sheet says: " If Input/Output terminals voltage over the absolute maximum ratings, there is possibility of mis-operation,
characteristics deterioration and destruction, because
of the current’s flowing to parasitic diode in IC.
The Input/Output terminals are recommended to be protected with the clamp circuit which using the diode with
low forward voltage (like schottky barrier diode) when
there is a possibility for the Input/Output terminals
voltage exceeds the absolute maximum ratings. "

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