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Re: [TCML] Ion generator + VDG eats my power supply

On 10/4/15 11:41 AM, msweeney23@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Sounds likely, i grounded the case because i noticed flashes in the supply when the VDG discharged. In fact i can draw an inch spark across the ground lead during a discharge.

the supply was isolated so i think i was stupid grounding the case. Duh.

so, my next question is how would i go about preventing these voltages going back into the supply? Would HV diodes work? I have a bunch of 12KV 350ma oven diodes, i could setup a chain to cover up to 100KV but i dont know if this is a 'reverse voltage' situation.

Im running it off a 14V DC adapter right now but the voltage is way too much and you can see discharges coming off the PVC column. One actually punctured right through it sprays out during operation.

Big resistor in series with the 14V to make 4V?
Run the 14V adapter (if it's not a regulated adapter) off a variac to reduce the voltage?

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