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[TCML] Ion generator + VDG eats my power supply

I purchased a few cheapo 12VDC/15KV negative ion generators and set one up with my VDG.

I was using an expensive 30 amp lab grade power supply set to 4VDC. I grounded the case of the power supply and used the +/- of the ion generator to produce corona from the lower brush.

It worked amazing ive never seen that power output before, very thick loud sparks 10 inches for a few seconds then smoke from the power supply :( 

Can ayone explain why this might have occured? I just wasted a $200 variable supply and not entirely sure how to go about fixing it (it still outputs 12VDC but no longer variable).

I wish i had a video to share, but it all happened to fast. I think its something to do with grounding the case.



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