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Re: [TCML] Ultraviolet Observations?

It would necessitate a very long exposure but you could do a pinhole camera.
Use a DSLR, get a body cap, drill a 0.25" hole through the center and tape a
piece of Al foil. Make a pinhole and give it a try. 


You could try to find a filter to cut the visible light or you could just
expose in the dark.

As for X Rays, wrap a piece of fast B&W film in some black paper or
cardboard and include a washer or coin in the package. Face the washer side
toward your coil. If there is any ionizing radiation, you will see a shadow.

You can still buy Kodak T-Max and Ilford Delta-3200 film both rated at ISO
1200 and both can be pushed to 3200 by longer times in the developer. Kodak
Tri-X and Ilford FP4 are ISO 400 and will have much better grain but
consequently less sensitive responses.

I prefer HC-110 from Kodak for developing - this is a concentrated liquid so
you add a few cc's to your developing bath and use it as a single-use
developer (dilute 1:60 and process for five minutes). You will need a stop
bath (half strength white vinegar) and a fixer to make the image
light-stable. You can get started for about $50 so it is a fun hobby. You
will need to manipulate, load and process your film in pitch-black dark. Cut
your film into 2" pieces as you need them and use drinking glasses for your
three baths. You could stick a loop of masking tape on one end for a handle.
After the fixer, rinse under running water for five minutes or so then dry
and look for the shadow of your washer.


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> Corona cameras are in use for HV line maintenance that do UV, 
> vis and IR.
> http://www.lordpowerequipment.com/products/corona-cameras-dete
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> A DSLR will be limited to near UV by the lens.
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> It would be very useful for coilers to investigate the 
> various frequency
> ranges at use in a Tesla coil and produce a real time visual output of
> their activity. I hope you have the perseverance to continue with this
> pursuit until you get results.
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