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[TCML] Tech support on tesla coil

Ok guys I got a weird issue here. 
I hooked my tesla coil to my variac and started to ramp it up. It stated firing around 80 volts and then it stopped. Tried it again and nothing happens but my 120v fan turns on. So I took it off variac and went to mains. Still nothing. I swapped transformers to my other nst 12kv 39mA and still nothing. I took the primary and secondary coil off the base and only left the spark gap connected and it sparks across the gap. None of my wiring looks burnt or broke connections or anything. All the caps are fine. No burn spots etc. when I hooked it all back up it still won't fire but if I take it apart and just leave the spark gap it sparks across. WTH? Any advice is appreciated. Can't figure this one out. 
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