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Re: [TCML] Ballast question

Hi Jim,

From glancing at your provided link, it seems to me that a 120 volt fed welder for ballasting would be the main limiting factor for your proposed power throughput. Those old style 240 volt input, 225 amp Lincoln stick welders work well for this purpose and can process considerably more power than 120 volt run ones. If I recall correctly, Ed Wingate was using 2 of these type of welder units in parallel to ballast the input to his big Maggie power supply. I'm not too sure that I would trust the modern China made version of those Lincoln 225 amp stick welders to withstand the same rigor as the old US made ones, though. The modern foreign made ones look less robust (especially in the main power switch and in the gauge of the welding leads) and "I" would probably look to a local source for a used older style one (locale classified ads, Craigslist, ext.) If possible.


jj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Hello Everyone,
>I am constructing an 8 MOT power supply. This is controlled by a dual 
>phase 120V, 25 amp variac.  I have a Craftsman 120V, 30-95 Amp arc 
>welder which will be used as a current controller. Can this arc welder 
>be installed in the neutral line, and the 2 transformer banks run 
>through it. The power supply circuit is from "*/Phalenor High Voltage 
>Labs", http://kb3ewy.com:8000/old/motpsu.htm.
>Thank you,
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