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Re: [TCML] variac question

Hi John,

Yikes - it certainly is NOT normal! The ON/OFF switch is apparently miswired so that it opens the neutral side instead of the hot side, leaving the entire winding tied to 120V.

You need to take it apart and rewire it so that it works properly OR take it back and holler at the seller for selling you this potential widow-maker. In any event, you need to alert the seller (forcefully!).

Do not use it until you get it fixed or replaced. Your currently-wired variac could be a lethal device - Off must ALWAYS mean OFF!


John Cooper wrote:
I have a 2000VA chinese variac off ebay looks similar to a staco(.
No schematic.  It works fine when used normally.  Varies my voltage
from 0-148V.  But when its switched off and left plugged in I have 0
V between and neutral and 120V between hot and ground and neutral and
ground.  Is this normal for a variac?

I was hooking up a electromagnet @5V with the variac off but plugged
in and I got a 120V bite even when the dial is all the way to 0.
That’s why I started checking it. Ive been running my coil off it
with no problems.

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