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Re: [TCML] Hairpin circuit triggered circuit breaker without the spark gap firing

This "hairpin" circuit is a basic Tesla impedance circuit outlined in many of his lectures.  The coined term "Hairpin" from this website is a gentleman that drove to my home from Northern Territories, Canada.  He traded a lot of misc components from me for paraffin wax (350 lbs worth) that happened to be on Craigslist locally.  (I made something like 100 Pancake Coils that year).  I sold him the components on condition he didnt do anything stupid like lecture free energy with them.  I later found he did that very thing, a museum fan saw my work in his lecture and asked me how and why he had various things.  I blew my top and raised hell with him on a free energy forum where he promoting such things...I can't stand making nonsense out of physics (as most on this list).  

The inverted U or various impedance shapes (incomplete circles etc) are still primary coils, just 1/2 turns of wire (or fractional as the case may be).   Since they are usually made large (I have made them 4 foot in diameter and larger) they can induce all sorts of havoc.  It could even be the wiring in your wall responding if it was bent in a similar U shape to the outlet.  I have had mine switch on kids toys and such, they can wreck the same havoc as a Tesla Coil, lol... and are similar in many ways to early wireless and hertzian experiments loop transmitters/receivers etc.

If you ever get a quack Violet Ray machine with a burned out Tesla Coil you can replace the coil with an impedance loop.  It makes a nifty Tesla flashlight of sorts.  You can short 12V bulbs along the loop and some will light a few inches apart and others need the whole loop.  Or have a low voltage bulb connected to a few turns of stout wire and use it to light the bulb wirelessly.  It will function in close proximity but quickly dim - those machines only put out about 30W.  

Great fun, but ignore the free energy BS as Gary pointed out.  Look at the real Tesla lectures, they are much more interesting and educational.  Heating platinum wire, iron wire, and other various induction heating experiments and Diathermy can be done too with moderate powers.  You can even cook steak with one (but I don't recomend eating it...my old cat did and vomited it 3 times for a German Tesla documentary by Michael Krause...if you turn the volume up loud you can hear her making the hairball sound in the background)


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