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Re: [TCML] Need some advice on 150kva sgtc

Very odd. Might be good to get some actual charging current waveforms, to make sure the reactor is large enough to minimize shoot-through current during the SG dwell time. Otherwise the wound-up reactor will try to keep the gap lit.

You should be able to get away with far less average power. Here is a similiar 5.2m coil, using a 3ph DC resonant charging supply. Typical max operating power is about 25kW:
Ground strike:
Setting ladder on fire:


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Good question. But i didn't "accurately" measure the charging current
prior to fire wheel mode. What i can tell there was no sign of any change
in sparkgap behaviour. No difference in light output/color or sound. It
happened very sudden.

>  When lowering the break rate, the primary current of the supply
>  transformer
>  decreases. The importand question now is: Did you measure an increasing
>  primary current of the supply transformer, just before the ignition of the
>  firewheel?
>  Or does this happen suddenly without any warning, when the critical bps is
>  reached?

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