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Re: [TCML] NTC Thermistor surge suppression

On 1/11/15 6:37 PM, David Rieben wrote:
Hi Dave,

Well, truth be told, I think if, God forbid, you, me, or any die hard coiler suffers a fire loss of electrical origin, there are probably numerous things that most of us do or have done to accommodate our insatiable desire for high voltage that probably aren't actually "up to code". A prime example is operation of an OIL-FILLED transformer inside of a permanent dwelling, since the gallons of dielectric oil could certainly pose a significant fuel load to complicate an active and uncontrolled fire situation, not to mention the obvious electrocution hazard. That's why electrically live oil-filled transformers are not allowed to be permanently installed inside of a permanent dwelling structure - they must be the dry type.

My wife always worries she'll come home from work and find the street blocked off and full of people in bunny suits looking at our garage trying to figure out how to safely deal with it.

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