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[TCML] Need some advice on 150kva sgtc

Me and some friends built this coil. It's total height is 5 meters. the
donut is 2,60 by 60 cm. the coil is 65 cm dia with 1200 turns of 2.5^2mm
installation wire. about 3.6 meter winding length. Cap, DR resonance
100nF, 80kv 4 in parallel.
We feed it with a 180kva 10kv yz5 transformer. Rectify the lot to 16kv.
ballast ensures 32kv on the cap. at 200 bps we draw 50-60 amps per fase.
so roughly 40 kw. Max bps is 700.
Now the question. What kind of spark length should be possible from this

Picture of the coil.

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