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[TCML] Trinkaus coil

Thanx all for help and suggestions. Was hoping someone had actually built the coil in Trinkaus 'Tesla Coil' 3rd ed.
book/pamphlet. This will be my 1st coil and using every day parts as outlined in book intrigues me.
16 beer bottle caps in a Tupperware tub, 3 1/2 x 18 PVC secondary, 7 x 5 Tupperware storage container primary, terminal cap is an old copper toilet tank float. Yikes!
I'm mounting the whole thing on a 1920's table with the 16 caps on a shelf under the top. Kitschy/steampunky. Lotsa fun I hope. 
Maybe it'll even work...hope so. 
Keep you posted. 

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