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Re: [TCML] George Trinkaus Tesla Coil

On 8/30/15 2:30 PM, Peter Noga wrote:
I am new to building TC's, and I have chosen my starting point with
the off the shelf approach outlined in Trinkhaus' Tesla Coil. Any one
have any experience building this one? I have obtained a 10,500V NST,
however the recipe transformer calls for 12KV. Will mine work?

I'm not familiar with the design in Trinkaus's book, however, it's likely your NST will work.

Here's the crucial question: is it a old style "magnetic" transformer, as opposed to a new electronic one?

If it weighs many pounds, it's likely the old style, which is what you want. If it's "electronic" it won't work in tesla coil applications.

10,500 is sort of an unusual voltage, which is why I ask. Typical voltages are 9,000, 12,000, and 15,000. They're all evenly divisible by 120 (75,100,125, respectively).

What is the current rating of your transformer? A very common value is 30mA, with 60mA being fairly unusual (and big and bulky).

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