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My vdg uses to rollers made from PVC and Nylon with a rubber belt. I tried latex, but the real rubber one was much better. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is. I may be able to find the link to the source on ebay if you are interested.

Looking through various tribo-electricscale lists gives various values for PVC, Nylon and soft/hard rubber. So I went for a set that was roughly top middle and bottom in the lists. The combination works well for me.

On my VDG both rollers have a crown roughly 1mm higher in the centre spread over 210mm. I found it very easy to set up the belts as long as there was some slip between roller and belt and the belt material was fairly stiff, otherwise the belt ended up folded over multiple times in the centre.

More details.
VDP Project: http://www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/blog/1mv-van-de-graff-project/ Roller and belt detail: http://www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/blog/1mv-van-de-graff-project/vdg-rollers-combs-and-drive/


On 26/08/2015 20:22, Doug wrote:
I have been using black neoprene with excellent results but always looking for something better.

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