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[TCML] Ballasting question

Hi All,

I just got my big 10’ tesla coil going last night first light which was not much to speak of.  7’ and I guess not bad for the first go.  I will write on all the details and with video very soon but I first need to know some technical info.  I am feeding a 14kv pole transformer with 240v.   The 240v comes from the wall to a 85amp variac.........then thru some ballasting and onto the pole transformer.   One leg of the 240 volt only goes thru the ballasting and the other leg goes direct to the pole trans.  The ballasting I am using is two Lincoln buzz box primaries in series......the sec. are shorted together.  (On low weld amps there is negligable arcs.  74.0mh)
(On high weld amps there is 7’ arcs. 13.22mh)  I am feeding the 240 variac with a 40 amp breaker and nothing is getting hot.  I know I need to get to a lower mh and I know I can parallel these two welder prim. and achieve 6.6mh thru 14.48mh which will allow more current to flow to the pole transformer which will make longer arcs.  

The big question is this:  Do I put both welders in parallel on one 240v line or do I put each welder in line with each 240v line?  Would either one make a difference in what the breaker sees?  I am not sure if there is any difference and would like someone's expertise here.

Bud Mohrman
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