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Re: [TCML] Variable Ballast

Thank you, everyone who provided input, and helping me complete my project. Based on what I understand from your responses I have completed my modification to a Lincoln Welder. I do have a couple of questions though. 

Here are some photos of the work. 
(You'll need to copy the whole URL and paste into your browser)


The 4 pole receptive I installed will also allow me to power the fan separately with full 220VAC. 

I am going to proceed to map the amperage as Deano describes below. This will be my ballast for the foreseeable future. Right now my pig is a 14,400 5KVA that I believe can be pushed to 7.5KVA without too much worry. Being this is a baby pig couldn't I use one of the newer cheap welders that physically alters the core transformer to change the current throughout? I understand the 10% duty limitation but I do not plan on running the coil for long periods of time or continuously. I noticed on Richie's posts he used a smaller unit like I described above and he submerged it in oil. 


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> On Aug 8, 2015, at 3:04 PM, deano <deano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi
> First the caution:
> Do not turn the selector switch while welding as this will
> damage the contacts.
> You will find this in the owners manual and also on the label on the
> front of the machine by the switch somewhere.
> You can read that as:
> Do not turn the selector switch while welding or running your Tesla
> coil as this will damage the contacts.
> To find the (nominal) ballasted output current of your pig for the
> various settings:
> Clip the ground clamp and electrode holder together so as to short the
> output. 
> Put your clamp-on ammeter around one of the input power leads. Just the
> welder, no variac, no pig.
> Set the welder to the lowest setting and turn on.
> Note the amp draw at that power level.
> Repeat for each power level.
> Now take the amp reading for each power level and divide by the turns
> ratio of the pig.
> This will tell you what you want to know I do believe.
> Example:
> Setting - 40 A
> Input current - 6 A (just a guess)
> Pig turns ratio - 60-1
> Pig short circuit current - 100mA
> Setting - 225A
> Input current - 50A (that is from the spec, don't know what it actually
> is)
> Turns ratio - 60-1
> Short circuit current - 3750mA
> later
> deano
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