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Re: [TCML] Bounces and server update

Just a personal thank you for all you have done to make TCML what is ,all the hard work,time and effort you have put in to make this list one of the most enjoyable thing anyone involved in electrical engineering of high voltage circuitry could ever read,as I have had the enjoyment and pleasure of the conversation for many years now and it is a must read for me.

-----Original Message----- From: Chip Atkinson
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2014 12:36 PM
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Subject: [TCML] Bounces and server update

Greetings all,

Many of you have gotten bounce messages from this list.  I set your
subscriptions back, removing the bounce score as far as I can tell.  The
messages were indeed legitimate but no further action should be necessary
if you are reading this.

Of course if you don't get this message, then yes, go ahead and
resubscribe or click the link in your email:  "If you have network
connectivity problems, send an email to support at..." :-)

I believe that the cause of the email problems was due to a change in
email policy on the part of yahoo that was perhaps incorrectly
implemented or took some time to go into effect.  It appears that my test
message from a few minutes ago went out and I saw that all the yahoo and
hotmail addresses were accepted with status=sent, so we are probably out
of that briar patch.

On to grander things...
After investigating a cloud solution vs small and quiet hardware here at
my "local data center" (home), I have decided to go with a virtual machine
in a data center.  The cost is like $13.55 or something per month, which
is less than the power required to run a desktop 24/7.  Plus, in the event
that something happens to me, I can just hand the "keys" to someone and
voila, the tesla list lives on.  The hosting company does monthly backups
and I'll be able to run backups (like I currently do) as well.  This will
provide a level of safety and comfort.

I'll keep people up to date on the status of things and once they are in
place I may ask for contributions or not.

Thanks for your patience.

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