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Re: [TCML] New server poll

1) Running a server in an insulated box guarantees an early heat death or a ma$$ive cooling system cost .
2) Utility company conspiracy theories have been around since the very first utility bill was sent out. ;^)
Matt D

On Friday, May 23, 2014 6:40 PM, alfred <alfred@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If you're going to keep the old machine, it shouldn't be a big deal to build a 
foam housing to insulate the noise to a level of no consequence.  Quiet fans are 

Also, don't trust the electric company.  Read the meter and keep a diary of the 
readings.   Around here, they quietly steal from those who pay their bills to 
fund those who don't.

The best scenario is to install your own certified meter on the other side of 
their meter.

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   >Hi folks,

   >I'm seriously considering getting a new server for TCML.  The HP DL-385 
   >that everyone so generously helped with many years ago is still a great 
   >machine and would serve as a backup, but it's both noisy and power hungry. 
   >My electricity bills have gone up $50/month and the noise infuses the 

   >To reduce noise and cost, I've been thinking of an HP microserver, like 
   >this one:

   >It seems to be one of the few server class machines that is energy 
   >efficient and quiet(er?).

   >Any thoughts or suggestions from people?

   >Thanks in advance.

   >Chip Atkinson
   >TCML data center operator. :-)

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