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Re: [TCML] Maximum arc length from 700w VTTC?

It could very well have produced x-rays and it looks like it definitely was producing intense UV rays. I hope you did not hurt yourself. My second TC about 35 years ago is a VTTC using 2 833A's driven buy a 2400 volt, approximately 800 mA if I had to guess, antique potential transformer although the guy I got it from said it was a power line transformer from the 1930's. Who knows, I've never seen another like it. I didn't rectify the voltage except as an experiment using large silicon 6000 volt 1 Amp rectifiers. The secondary did not have a toroid, instead it had a hefty breakout tip on top. Without rectification the output looked like the inverted roots of a large plant about 20 inches long and about 15 inch diameter spread. It just spewed since the plates were driven with 60 cycle per second AC putting 60 arcs per second into the air in all directions. With rectification the arcs were thick flaming bright bolts and did not spread out likes roots but instead followed the plasma heat the arcs were generating. I love VTTC's, good luck.
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Dear John,
Thanks for the clarification on tuning. I  getting the same length sparks
now after I added a second MOT in parallel and removed the doubler. No more
silicon for me. Current draw is less and I am no longer deafened by it.
Plus no overheating issues for short runs.

I need to buy some high power ceramic resistors or a rheostat.

Allen I was using a B1 0.2/20 rated for 200ma I shorted it and hooked it up
the the 3v filiment winding to test it...

I didnt think it would melt internally but it did. I also didn't think it
would produce x rays. It glowed bright blue/purple and hurt my eyes.

Not blind but lucky if not stupid. ... no more rectifiers for me.

Gonna try 4400vac by joining two mots at ground and using hv out for b+ and
b-. So series parallel mots is my next experiment.  I have a isolated
filament transformer so I hope it holds together.

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