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[TCML] Internal Pics of Raytheon 3P 6 pulse supply

Hello List,

Some of you know I have been contemplating modifying a Raytheon 3 Phase
supply as a DC Tesla coil supply. I pulled the lid off last night and it
pulled out of the tank like an X-ray transformer as hoped. It does not seem
as heavy duty as it is heavy, but remember there are 3 transformers here 120
apart. The choke is 150 henries and would be easy to change out. If I dump
the tubes and filament transformer there is ample room in there for 6 pulse
diode stacks. I wish I knew some rating on this. It may be best to change
the choke and leave as is with the NOS 8020's I have and use it as an
interesting supply for my 8" coil. What say you?


Spark on!
Jim Mora

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