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[TCML] Flat spiral VTTC and theoretical tesla coil question

Dear Group,
The first question regards vacuum tesla coils and I was wondering if anyone
on this group has built or seen a flat pancake vacuum tube powered tesla
coil with a flat secondary as seen in Tesla's patents?

The second question is a theoretical one. I would like to create a primary
coil made from glass tubing filled with hydrogen at low pressure. At the
ends of each of said tube I would place two heated cathodes and attach this
to the hv source with a large capacitor in parallel with both.

I suppose such a configuration would pass AC current.

The tube would be either triggered to ionize or have a break down at the
peak voltage of the transformer.

Hydrogen would provide a quick ionization and deionization time sufficient
to drive a tesla coil.

My question is, as the conductor is a plasma discharge would it create a
magnetic field?

Further more if the tube deionized before the magnetic field collapsed
where would the back emf go? Would such a coil operate in DC or AC mode?

I would consider this idea a new invention and it may have pratical
benifits as it reduces the components in a tank circuit by one. It also is
self insulated and would with stand high powers. But building it is

Taking the idea further would it be possible to build both primary and
secondary coils from glass tubing containing low pressure gasses? They may
even contain the same gas and be placed inside a large vacuum tube.

Of course it would need a tron ending. Teslatron?

Any ideas?

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