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[TCML] RSG 10" dia G10 .5" Tungsten


I need some advice on my new spark gap rotor construction. The rotor is 5/8"
G10 Fr4, 10" in diameter. I have .5" x 2.25" Tungsten on hand for this. I
would like to use 4 or 8 electrodes. I also have an 18" x 18" in 5/8". This
will probably run async @ ~ 400 BPS.

Here are the questions: 

1. What is a recommended bore to press in .5" W .

2. How far should the center of the electrodes be placed from the edge of
the disk for a good margin of strength? 

3. I remember a list member suggesting angling in the set screws from the
outside edge to help improve strength.

If no one present has a good handle on this, who would be a good source to
contact on disk rotor construction? I have been off list for some time.

Thanks Much,
Jim Mora

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