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[TCML] Ratheon 3P -DC supply -24KV

Hi All,

As some of you may have read, I have a 3 phase -24K Raytheon six pulse 8020
tube rectified 6 x (Jan 8020 NOS in original boxes) transmitter power supply
or Cap charger. I have the schematic and the in and out voltages but no
other specs. I do have some HV Caddock resistors I could string up for a
voltage divider and see if it is indeed constant voltage @ -24KV. I have an
associate that recently retired from Raytheon that is going to try and
research the old part numbers. 

I am not excited to build a full load resistor for this monster and probably
won?t. I am also not thrilled it has -24KV on the high 12? standoff to what
I am assuming now is a 150H filter choke not a charging choke - measuring
the output voltage resistively will tell, agree? In which case I want to
AVIOD the resonance charging capacitance! I redrew the schematic
substituting Diode symbols and it is indeed a 6 pulse equivalent of Richie
Burnets súpply on his Web Site with the diodes all reversed only (the top
plates feed the choke out in series output) at a negative respect to the
isolated winding tap on a four winding filament transformer which is
positive and closer to ground.

1. This would seem to indicate to me the HV feeders need both to be isolated
and entire tank from ground, too bad. I have a nice X-Ray cable with Federal
connectors and sockets. I really don?t want to strip off the coax and cut it
in half. (Y,N)

2. Would such an arrangement benefit from a de-queing SS diode which I have
access to insert externally? (Y,N)

Using Richie's equations 24K/2.45 the RMS voltage of the phase to phase
transformer output with losses is about 9.8KVac which should also verifiable
by measurement BTW one set of 3 plates, sans tubes which all have a phase
leg on them and plate caps.

I am only now thinking about this in earnest as it has been gathering dust
waiting for a viable 208v wye 3p 4 wire supply which I now have in a diesel
genset. I just created a blog spot with the Schematic on the HV tank...


BTW I just measured the Inductor internal resistance its 564 ohms! This may
be a single charge supply. Your thoughts?

Jim Mora

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