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Re: [TCML] Gas hazards

Built three of the largest generators in the industry at that time, Actually had to tweak the ambient monitor as ground-level O3 exceeded Osha;s 12 hour limit. I was happy working inside while finding leaks, and appreciated learning the smell - even with athsma. But it did become overwhelming at times.

SORRY, but I don't have the pre or post concentration numbers, RETIRED.

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Subject: [TCML] Gas hazards

before we get into a "which is more dangerous" discussion...

We all know that both Ozone and Nitrogen Oxides are potentially 
hazardous, and are irritants, and are produced in various quantities by 
Tesla coils.

I suspect most of us do not have any way to measure the gas content, and 
we all have subjectively different responses to whatever is emitted by 
our coils.

There's also a whole lot of potential other things that can result in 
similar effects.  (Peter Terren commented on this a few emails ago)

So, let's keep it in the realm of objective data rather not speculation

If you want to provide a link to safety documentation (e.g. industrial 
hygiene or safety regulations), that would be useful


If you have actual objectively measured data of concentrations of 
whatever is produced, that would be useful


if you have practical counter measures and recommendations

Jim Lux
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