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[TCML] Homemade Glass Art Work Above Tesla Coil


Yesterday at the Fair we ran our 9,000-volt, 60-mah NST Tesla Coil. We hung a 4' fluorescent lamp above it and ran a ground wire to the lamp. The arcing from the coil lit up the lamp real nice. This has led me to inquire to the members of this forum if someone can recommend any other type of object that will glow. Is there a liquid or powder that I can put in a glass jar that will glow? Can I have a friend who is a glass blower make me something that I can then line with phosphorous in order to make it glow? If so, can you please recommend what thickness of glass we should pursue and whether or not we have to run a piece of wire through the glass? Also, Is there anyway to de-charge the local air after running the Tesla Coil?

Thank you,

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