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[TCML] Help identifying unknown spark gap and coil device

Hi guys, I have an interesting garage sale find here.  The "device" as I will call it is 6" long, by 2.8" square.  it is some sort of iron core , either U or W core layered iron.  Then this coil is all sealed with black epoxy and encased in a fiberglass shell (hence the rectangular shape)  On one side there are two binding posts with a 2000vdc EC 4ME12 in parallel, as well as 3 other binding posts, which also have one of the caps in parallel between post 1 and 2, and a 2700pf 3kV in parallel with post 3 and one of the 2 larger binding posts.  The large binding posts lead inside the case to the coil I presume, and the small binding posts lead by 3 conductor wire to the bottom of the coil, and are definitely connected to it.  Now here's where I thought someone on the list may be able to help me identify this thing:  The end where the 3 conductor wire enters has nothing visible, just black epoxy and the fact that it is layered iron for the core.  The other end, however, has a 4700pf 15kV doorknob with it's center by cloth wire down into the case,  and 2 more binding posts, and finally a 3 point spark gap that is all homemade and machined and looks like someone really put some time into it.   Also, there is a "lid" that covers up the sg and the doorknob, but leaves the posts sticking through, and has a military grade ceramic standoff in it'c center, between the posts.  This thing is definitely made to make sparks, I am sure of that, but how does it work and what is it?  I'd be happy to share it with someone on the group for experimentation if you can just help me figure out that it is…I don't want to fro to dismantle it because it would not survive…this thing was built with a lot of love and made to not come apart…ever..  Oh, and I measured the resistance of the primary (?) and the secondary and I got nothing, so maybe the coil is open…still…Anyone is welcome to email me off the list at kb2wyl at gmail and believe me when you see pictures of this thing you will become curious as well
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