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Hello Tesla Friends,

I have been away for a few years on other quests but still have all my Tesla
Coil stuff. Recently, I finally got my 3P 208v wye 15KW <cont> Diesel genset

I have a Cold War era Raytheon 3P DC charger that uses (6) 8020 Tube
rectifiers - very Frankenstein -ish! The output is through a very large
Inductor (Says 150 Henries) and is 24KV(-) the (+) side comes from the
filaments,  the minus is on a 12" standoff insulator! Anyway, I plan to wind
a 12" form (thin wall PVC) to a 5:1 ratio. I have (2) unused .1uf General
Atomics large pulse duty Caps @ 50KV. I realize the out power will be a
linear rise as BPS goes up. I haven't tried to predict resonate charging nor
want it per say, a visit to Richie Burnett's site is needed.

* I do "not" have a suitable Spark Gap and will either build one or buy one.
I have an ample supply of G10 that is suitable but lack machining tools. I
also have (8) .5" x 2.25" pure tungsten slugs (intended) and numerous .25"
which probably wouldn't stand up for the rotor.

There is no rating of current I/0 on the transformer / supply tank. The
internal transformer is a 208 wye in ?HV delta out, there is also a assumed
isolated internal filament transformer with 1 P 120v input I see that (1)
8020 can run at 100 - 750 ma 2A peak. Anyone want to do an educated guess on
the output of the supply limits? BTW the + terminal is on a close to case
standoff so it is meant to be -24KVDC above ground out. I have the schematic
with no ratings stenciled on the tank. It is oil filled.

Thanks Much,
Jim Mora

You can contact me off list if you like: wavetuner@xxxxxxxxx  I also have a
14,400 5VKVA Pig as well as a large GE potential transformer of the same
rating. So if the DC charging fails, its back to classic design. 

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