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[TCML] PTs for Possible Sale

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of extra oil-filled, steel tank style potential/instrument transformers (matching pair) that I may be interested in selling off. The only drawback of course is the issue of shipping. They are 70:1 (8400 volts) rated at just .5 kVA and weigh an estimated 80 to 85 lbs each (each one can be picked up to waist height by an adult man of average strength with no serious difficulty). Basically, they are pole "piglets" with the twin, brown porcelain high voltage standoff "horn" bushings. I was thinking maybe $200 each or both for $350, but you would also have to arrange and pay for the shipping or just come and pick up yourself (much preferred, if possible). Of course, they have been fully tested with over driven and ballasted variac input of about 140 volts and gave off a nice hot arc with no problems (actually, I seriesed the two 120 volt terminals pairs of both and ran them with a ballasted 0 - 280 volts from a variac) - and neither have ever been used in a Tesla coil. As a side note, I used to routinely overdrive PTs beyond their nameplate kVA rating several times over for intermittent duty as a Tesla coil driver with no issues (not these). Like I said, they are basically mini-pigs. I can provide pics and exact measurements and may be willing to consider helping with shipping arrangements from my end for a serious buyer ;-) BTW, if you happen to have been pricing HV PTs on eBay lately, I think you would have to agree that this is a decent deal for anyone interested in this type of transformer. Email me personally at: (DRIEBEN at ATT dot NET) but only if seriously interested, please as price is fairly firm and I don't mind just keeping them if I have to "give" them away. For shipping calculation, my zip code is 38135, located in the Memphis, TN area.

David Rieben
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