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Re: [TCML] First notch quenching?

Hi Scott,

A solid state coil has IGBTs controlled electronically that can be switched off or on at your whim. If you switch them off at a very high current moment then over voltage protection will kick in and resume the conduction so it's not so perfect... You have to dump the inductive energy in that case at a great power loss....

However, First notch quenching is pretty trivial now for DRSSTCs ;)

I think the next step would be to have a full feedback coil that has monitors on primary current and voltage, secondary current and voltage, and all the electronics (temperatures, AC input, etc..). Feeding all the voltage and current numbers to a CPU to direct the show and detect if anything goes wrong. We are now entering the stage of coiling when Tesla coils might have some very serious computer software behind them! 4 core 3GHz brains are normal now...

Of course, do this all from your smart phone over blue tooth from Russia too!! :D

If you are old, you might remember when we tried to make a "Web Tesla Coil" folks could run from their computer remotely over the internet. :) But the days of very highly computerized Tesla coils are approaching very fast!!!

Prolly like a Raspberry Pi at first ;)

Best Regards,


Rusty too, but still damn sharp!  :D

On 02/24/2014 05:14 PM, Scott Bogard wrote:
Greetings folks,
      A bit of a theoretical question, I'm a bit rusty so thanks for your
patience, is it still impossible to quench on first notch?  I was trying to
explain the whole "notching" concept to someone and it occurred to me, if
an IGBT or other switch was inserted to bypass the tank capacitor enitrely
and physically disconnect the primary immediately after first notch, it
would greatly impede the tendency to transfer energy back into the primary,
as it would no longer be at the same resonate frequency.  I feel like I
might be missing something, or maybe not, or perhaps even it doesn't matter
as such a feat is impossible with current semiconductor technology.  At any
rate just felt like putting this out there, help me to remember if you
could folks.

Scott Bogard.
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