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Re: [TCML] Secondary coil polyurethane coat problems.


Although the bumps might be unsightly, I'd just leave them. They wouldn't affect the proper operation of the coil at all.

I don't know if you use a motorized lathe to wind the coil, but other builders have left their coils turning slowly on the lathe for a day or more to prevent unevenness of the final finish.

If you use steel wool, you will leave little conductive fibers embedded in the finish that will tend to short out your secondary.

If you use sand paper, you run the risk of exposing the bare copper.

If you want beautiful, you probably will have to start over again.


On 2/23/2014 6:59 PM, Kuba Anglin wrote:
I recently made my secondary coil (6" x 3') and coated it with several
layers of polyurethane. I made sure that no bumps formed when applying the
coats. I started coating pretty late and had to store it for the night in
my garage. I stored it horizontally. When I woke up, the still wet
polyurethane had gathered on the bottom of the secondary coil forming a
line of unsightly bumps across the length. I have some ideas of how I might
fix this such as using sandpaper or steel wool, but thought I would ask
first. What should I do?

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