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Re: [TCML] rf safety

On 2/19/14 2:50 AM, Frosty wrote:
I think the most important thing, which I quote often from this standard,
is annex B

"A review of the extensive literature on RF biological effects, consisting
of well over 1300 primary peer
reviewed publications published as early as 1950, reveals no adverse health
effects that are not thermally
related (except for electrostimulation discussed in B.2.4). This conclusion
is consistent with those reached
by other scientific expert groups and government agencies including..."

Indeed, but if you are trying to use that to convince the true believer down the street that you're not generating electrosmog, they won't accept that statement. "It's just another piece of propaganda from the government to cover up the dangers of RF" (spoken into their cellphone or emailed via WiFi<grin>)

Conversely, 95.1 is great for finding examples to refute those fools who say "nobody has ever been injured by RF exposure, it's all a myth". Plenty of data in there on various and sundry injuries.
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