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Hi Ed,

Those small Tesla coils used for testing neon, were initially used as high frequency healing devices and were called Violet Ray machines. It is believed that Tesla used one of these devices to heal himself after he got hit by a taxi cab. I own several vintage violet ray machines that I have purchased off of ebay. The secondary coil on these devices was traditionally wound around a wood bobbin. The induction coil in these devices does have an iron core and is part of the interrupter which produces the initial blast 1600V - 2000V of alternating current that is sent to the primary coil. There were basically two configurations in violet ray machines, all-in-one devices like the one you were referring to and also the box type design where the high frequency coil was located in a separate handheld enclosure and connect to the rest of the circuit by an electrical cord. The box type machine was more dangerous to operate, but because the tesla coil was located in its own compact wand, it was less cumbersome, lighter in weight and easier to maneuver around the body.

The famous trance channel  Edgar Cayce had over 900 references to using the violet ray machine for personal wellness and healing. It is mainly because of Cayce, that there still remains tremendous interest in the underground use of violet ray machines for healing.

Of course by the time the 1940's rolled around, the modern medical establishment deemed the use of violet ray machines as quackery and shut down all of the companies in the UIS that were manufacturing them. Many of the violet ray manufacturers switched at that time to make electrical coils for the developing war effort. Master was the last company in the US to make the devices for health purposes. Violet ray machines are still made today in Europe and China to service the health an beauty industry.


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> According to what he wrote, Tesla's first devices were indeed iron 
> core.  For the past century people have used hand held "Tesla coils' for 
> leak detectors in vacuum systems and they follow exactly his principel.
> Ed

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