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Re: [TCML] Tesla coil- spark gap

On 2/7/14 5:46 AM, matty mcqueeney wrote:
Could anybody help me find a reasonable spark gap, that is simple to make?
Thanks Matthew. 		 	   		

simple static gap?

I like using three pieces of copper pipe parallel to each other..

has a drawing and pictures..

It's easy to adjust (move the center pipe relative to the two fixed pipes), has a lot of surface area (important so you don't get a hot spot), and performs well with a small fan blowing along the axis of the pipe.

If you're running more power (say >1 kW) then you might want to try some other designs. multi gaps are popular, but have higher loss. Rotaries work well, but are mechanically complex. A single blast gap can work well, but you need an appropriate source of air (blower or compressor, depending on the design)

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