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Re: [TCML] Testing HVdiodes

Hi All,

Found a very simple way to do preliminary  testing of my HV diodes:

                     a           b
120v               c           d

Checked with a simple galvanometer (vintage 1897) as follows:

1) Quickly touched meter leads to terminals a & c   needle vibrated.
2) Quickly touched meter leads to terminals a & d   needle swung left
3) Quickly touched meter leads to terminals b & c   needle swung right
4) Quickly touched meter leads to terminals b & d   needle did not move

Conclusion: Diodes are rectifying with good reverse blocking , (at least at 120V.AC). 
That gives me confidence to build the circuit.

Matt D.

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> Hi All,
> I recently picked up a couple of diodes (5" black plastic rectangular rods) 
rated 200 ma @ 80 KV. A standard diode checker doesn't seem to work with ones 
this big. Is there an easy way to test them before they go in the circuit?
I like to test HV diodes with an electrostatic generator and an 
In that case I was only interested in the leakage. The electroscope 
saturates at 5 kV. Testing at 80 kV would be more difficult.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

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