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[TCML] ionization of air (electrolaser)

There is an application of a Tesla coil,
called the electrolaser:


Now my question is this,
Nikola Tesla probably didn't have a laser,
to ionize the air.
But he did experiment with X-rays,
and seems according to wikipedia to have invented
a one electrode x-ray tube (it used a brehmstralung proces,
to produce x-rays) it also is noted as being quite powerful.
Is it possible that he used this as an ionization source
for the air and shot the voltage of a coil over this
ionized path in the air ?
Is this at all possible ?
And could it be done with modern day equipment
e.g. (synchrotron light source for x-rays)
And what amount of power is needed for this 50  100 150 or 1000 Kev ?
I am asking this just to see of he could have done such an experiment.
I don't know if he did,
And I am sure ass hell that I am not going to try this myself,
I don't have the resources and I like to stay alive !

Greetings to you all,

Sietze van de Burgt
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