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[TCML] welcomed back and questions

Hey All,

thank you for the welcome back to the list...
and as for the question of where I live in La.
its Kenner La an outskirt of New Orleans

After reading the archives about SSTC's especially DRSSTC's
along with IGBT's and the driving circuits, where can I find some websites
that deal with more detail possibly some schematics involving this type of

my old coil was a SRSG design putting out approximately 12' streamers
driven by brute force of
 30kv+ primary circuit. From what I've read, the voltages in the primary
circuit on DRSSTC's are alot lower
due to the restrictions of the IGBTs capacities. I understand the theory of
parallel/series of IGBTs but my
weak point is the driver circuit of the gates....

looks like I have a lot of learning/reading to do before I toast alot of
IGBT's to get this right :)

Scot D
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