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[TCML] Mini MIDI Tesla Coil Controller

Hi All,

I just wanted to share my latest creation: the Mini MIDI Tesla Coil
Controller. It's packages a fully-featured MIDI interrupter, and several
other interrupters in a package that is less than 2" x 2".

In addition to the full-featured MIDI interrupter this controller also has
a fixed frequency interrupter, asynchronous rotary spark gap simulator, and
a phased twin-coil interrupter (for making twin coils operate in and out of
phase). The MIDI interrupter is two channel, and has two-note poly for each
channel. The board accepts ST as well as bare fiber transmitters.

I've got a big write-up on the controller at my new website (
https://sites.google.com/site/teslacoilstore/mmtcc). Starting price for
this controller is $75. There is a full price listing on my website.

-Phillip Slawinski
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