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Re: [TCML] air core

Using former materials like fiberglass or PVC or epoxy can't have a
significant effect on self capacitance, since very little electric flux
passes through it anyways, unless the materials are excessively thick.  And
having additional self capacitance in the coil isn't necessarily a bad
thing.  At typical tesla coil frequencies I highly doubt such materials
will cause noticeable losses either (I know for sure FR4 fiberglass and PVC
work well into the hundred MHz range).


On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 6:32 PM, JJR+weluvlucy.com <jjr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hello to the list,
> Has anyone ever built a secondary coil without a coil-form. Wouldn't air
> be the ideal coil-form because it has a dielectric constant of 1? And, how
> would one wind a secondary of lets say 20 gauge wire with an end result of
> no plastic, paper, wood, etc. coil-form? Is it possible to wind the coil
> then remove the core that it was wound on. Also, doesn't coating the coil
> with some form of urethane etc. add capacitance to the coil which is
> undesirable?
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