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Re: [TCML] tcs as musical instruments...

On 3/31/12 5:59 PM, Bart B. Anderson wrote:
Yeah Mike, good points indeed. But hey, it's not like Tesla Coils are
trying compete with speakers and such. The fact is it's just a fun thing
to do midi on DR. To like play some Zeppelin on a Tesla Coil. Granted
it's not fidelity, but it's still cool to do it. And some songs come out
awesome where others really suffer. It just depends on the notes and
frequencies. Phils controller has a volume adjustment during midi that I
find fabulous. I've learned that more volume equates to more RF cycles
and thus better sound. One problem with that is more volume also means
longer spark lengths and in an environment where you have no more room,
oops.. I covered up my rafters with chicken RF grounded today.. well,
basically it ended up as a giant target.. sure rafters are now safe but
spark formation is blah..... Jeff Larson mentioned maybe just forming
poly around the rafters and stuff.. I think I'll try that route...

Anyway, I tried to play some Jimmy Hendrix today with the rafter chicken
wire thing.. It kind of sucked, but hey... we learn by doing..... not by
arm chair cowboy'ing Tesla Coils... this midi kind of sucked. One thing
about midi, the coil is at the mercy of the midi itself...


What about using a guitar to midi converter. Some are quite sophisticated. I can see a musician really getting into finding what sounds good (I guess that's what the folks like Arc Attack are doing, in some way). Just another effects pedal, in some ways.. Here's my CryBaby Wah, there's my Slawinsky, in the middle is my {some stomp box name here}

talented musicians are like talented athletes (neither of which am I).. they can do amazing stuff with anything.
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