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RE: [TCML] JOB OFFERED - Tesla Based Microcontroller Development CO-OP


That’s great - very impressive indeed. Thanks for sharing.  You guys out there are certainly developing some awesome hardware and taking Tesla Coiling to the next level.  To answer your question, I have not been keeping up with any developments in the Tesla Community as my responsibilities have changed in the past several years.  I have not been an active Tesla coiler builder in at least 5 years and my responsibilities now are all about God, Church, and my family, feeding 5 little mouths and trying to save enough money to put them all through college.  I am thankful to both God and this great nation of ours for giving me the opportunity to take something that I love and use it to help achieve these goals.

Thank you again for the links.  I have some friends at work that would be really impressed with the things you guys are doing.  I will share with them the links if that is okay with you.

God Bless and good luck with all your future endeavors,


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Have you taken a look at what's out there? Phillip has a controller that's fully user programmable; (Teslasynth and Multi-mode Tesla Coil Controller) and Chris has a MIDI Teslasynth that's out of sight!

Development is on a smokin' hot pace....

I am very proud of what these gentlemen have achieved, indeed! 

Their products are first class and are take coiling to the next level.

Take a look: @ http://www.drsparksite.com/teslathon2012.htm


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