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Re: [TCML] LMD Frequency

@ Paul Nicholson

Then I take it you are also able to reproduce this claim:

1901, #685 012, Means for Increasing the Intensity of Electrical
"It is evident from the above that the greater the number of the
freely-vibrating circuits which alternately receive and transmit energy
from one to another the greater, relatively, will be the gain secured by
applying my invention."

I haven't seen that effect realized.  For typically, when you place another
oscillatory circuit into the viscinity of the transmitter, the two resonate
in such a manner that they couple.  One is negative while the other is
positive and adding other recievers to the environment does not produce
obvious gains.  In fact, any other conductive objects (including additional
recievers) in the environment end up reducing the amount of energy --
exactly the opposite of Nikola's claim.

- Jim
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