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[TCML] EM fields safety standard available for free, now

IEEE has made IEEE C95.1-2005, the EM fields safety standard, available for download for free:


Defines the Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) for electric and magnetic fields from 3kHz on up. And it defines the "Action Level" (which used to be called "uncontrolled exposure".. i.e. the casual viewing public.. MPE applies more to occupational exposure)

Based on a bunch of analysis I did a few years ago, for a TC, you're most likely to bust the limits with magnetic fields from the primary. The E fields are high, but the duty cycle is low, so the actual absorption is small.

Magnetic (H) fields are also harder to shield. Almost any sort of "cage" does a nice job containing the E fields, but you need a solid iron box to contain the H fields and running your coil inside a big iron box isn't going to be very showy..

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