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RE: [TCML] Airforce Test Facility Story

Where is that site Jim?  I have done construction work at a lot of different sites at WSMR but have not seen it yet.  Did structural analysis and repairs on mezzanines and secondary power feeds at Nuclear Effects site (where they have a reactor and a cool focusing mirror to simulate heat effects of a nuke explosion and what looks like an EMP generator suspended at part of the site from cables) and we did a big erosion control and road repair job at the Electromagnetic Radiation Effects site last year as well.  There are a lot of interesting sites out there, to be sure, and a lot of places I still have not been to yet.

Nick A

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> Subject: Re: [TCML] Airforce Test Facility Story
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> There's another lightning test site at White Sands in NM.  Although the
> topload is more of a net-type structure than a typical toroid.
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