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[TCML] pics of my 6 in" mot coil and my new 10 in"coil

Hi all,    
        I finally got around to posting pictures of my mot powered coil on a hosting site.  The url is:
http://s1175.photobucket.com/albums/r621/JasonKerlin/. ; I hope that is copied right.  At any rate, on photobucket my user name is JasonKerlin and all the pictures I have so far are there.  There is still much work to do on my big coil,  yes I am aware that it is in need of impovement.  Sorry it took so long to get the images up.  The pics of the spark gap are not current.  I keep forgetting my camera when I make changes. Oh almost forgot,  there are pics of my 10 inch sec coil on there as well it is powered by a piggy.  Hope you enjoy.!!!
All comments and criticisims are welcome. 
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