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Re: [TCML] [Secondary wire length) question

> I found on one site that the length of wire on the secondary, that has
> always been 1/4 wavelength, is no longer valid,
    May well depend on valid for what purpose.

> that it has been proved wrong. Can anyone enlighten me on this
> subject?
    In a simple, conventional, sense:
     wire wound in a longish, narowish solenoid resonates
     as (first) a quarter wavelength, when (roughly) ONE HALF
     wavelength of wire acts like a QUARTER wave of
     straight wire.

    This is for antenna/radio work, and can be found
    in books/articles on antenna design for 
    continuously loaded antennas.  To rephrase: half wave
    element tends to a full wavelength of wire, when wound.
    As the solenoid gets shorter/fatter, the lengths go
    back towards 1/4 wave of wire for quarter wave resonance
    of coil.  VHF 'tesla coils' have been built with 
    '1/4 wave whips' as secondary 'coils'.  (Corum).

    Applying this conventional (if little used...)
    RF technique to Tesla Coil work is not direct:
    the goal with a Tesla Coil is typically High Voltage,
    with 'top load' and capacitance effect of streamers,
    corona, etc

> Hopefully with cites so I can study up on it for myself.
    The references including TC specific, are out there,
    others can supply better than I.

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