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Re: [Bulk] Re: [TCML] Ozone Generation

Allen is correct. Per Wikipedia, most people can detect ozone
by its bleach-like odor down to concentrations of .01 u-mol/mol
and at .1 to 1 u-mol/mol, they start to develop the headaches,
burning eyes, and irritation of the respiratory passages. In my
early days of coiling, I discovered this firsthand from running
my table top SG coil inside a small, unventillated room. Smaller
coils that generate more of the purplish, non-ground striking
arcs can generate copius amounts of ozone during operation. I
assume the idea with the consumer ozone "air purifiers" is to
generate it where the concentrations are kept at the "perceivable"
level but below the "danger" level. Seems room size, ventiallation
level, ect. would also need to be accounted for though.?

David Rieben

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I'm sorry but I have to weigh in on this. High ozone levels are very dangerous to your lungs. I had my lungs burned by high levels of ozone which caused "chemically induced bronchitis" which caused me to be horibaly sick and off work for a week. For the next 20 years I suffered chronic bronchitis requiring antibiotics 2 to 5 times a year. I grew tolerant of several different antibiotics. Your best bet is clean and kill the cause of the stink and if you still want some safe ozone for air freshening get an ionizing air cleaner. Please don't find out the hard way the dangers of high levels of ionized oxygen.

Allen Bishop

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I have lingering pet odors in a room that I need to eliminate and
esearch indicates that ozone might do the trick.  I found hundreds
f companies that sell or rent ozone generators for this purpose but
t occurred to me that I might be able to use my large DRSTC to
roduce ozone in large quantities.  For this application I assume
hat I need lots of little sparks rather than big power arcs so I'm
ooking for suggestions from the list.  My idea was to place a large
iece of copper window screen on top of the toroid extending beyond
he radius of the toroid, or to eliminate the toroid altogether and
ust use the screen.  Any ideas?
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