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On 7/29/12 3:36 PM, jjr wrote:
On 07/29/2012 12:02 PM, SusaX2 X2 wrote:
Thanks for the info. I did not realize that MOTs were being wound with
aluminium wire. That are bound to be a disaster.

Why? As long as the thing is designed to carry the current and have acceptable losses, it really doesn't matter what the windings are made of.

A bigger problem is that MOTs are exceedingly cost sensitive designs and they don't spend a penny more on materials than they absolutely have to.

Aluminum wire is just part of it. A pain, sometimes, because you can't solder to it easily, unlike copper.

If anyone in New
England has a single phase pole pig for sale at a reasonable price
please contact me. A pole transformer appears to be the safest way to


I agree with Dave.
MOT's nowadays have become very small and are all wound with aluminium
Even under oil these will burn out eventually.

WHy? Not because they're aluminum windings (pole transformers have had aluminum windings for decades). Maybe because they're cheaply built?

If you're going to buy second hand mircrowave ovens, look for the old
The older the better. Old style MOT's are bigger and wound with copper
wire. And these are easier to disassemble if you want to remove the

that's generically true of everything.. older, less efficient and less "optimized" anything is usually easier to dismantle or modify.

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