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HVDC Tech....Re: [TCML] MOTs

[drifting off topic?
...At Discretion...]
> On the experimental HV Direct Current transmission lines, they use
> semiconductor devices to downconvert megavolt DC back to low voltage,
> high current AC. That's sorta like a pole pig, and the opposite of a
> rectifier bridge. Pretty impressive technology.

    I guess it depends on the definition of 'experimental'.  8)>>

    When home, my local grid, powering my messages, is,
    in part, fed by a +/-500KVDC, 100A (?) HVDC link,
    which has been on line for 30ish years.  More elsewhere
    in US.  Originating in France, ca 1920 with motor-generator
    sets (YES....) they revived post WWII, Scandanavia, with
    Thyratrons, now, as noted Solid State.  I was on an IEEE
    tour of the 'local receive/invert' soon after they opened.

    I'll close with: how do they insulate, and cool, series
    chopper at 1 MV?  (Rated for that, while normally 500KV.)
    Hint: Commonly available Environmentally friendly, 'organic',
    recyclable liquid.  (to save traffic, scroll down)

    99.999999....% Pure Water

     (OK: one can argue my use of 'commonly available'...)

    (Another tour visited USN Station NAA, Cutler, ME.  Among
     other things a 1 MHz transmitter on 24.5(?) KILOHz.  The
     antenna matching transformer are Not Too Different from
     pole pigs.  I rather think Tesla would have recognized...)

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