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Do you have a community recycling center, or a junkyard around? Most scrapyards find MWO's an unattractive item, 'cause it's time consuming to get the "good stuff" separated from the useless plastic and unprofitable scrap steel. They won't even pay anything for them if you bring them in around here. I can find two or three ovens in the dumpster every weekend at my village recycling center, though they no longer let me scrap them 'cause they are "too valuable" to the village.

I still manage to pick up at least one a week at the curb on trash day, though you aren't supposed to put them out as trash. Technically, it's illegal to appropriate trash that's left at the curb here, but there are a lot of pickers in town who make a nice supplemental income driving around the neighborhood before sunrise on trash day.

You can run an ad in the local Pennysaver or whatever advertising newspaper is in the neighborhood, offering $5.00 each for every dead microwave. Get one of those "Magic Jack" phone hookups for $19.95 a year, and connect it to an answering machine to collect the phone responses. Patience is a virtue.

I've found microwave oven transformers listed on eBay for more than the cost of a whole oven. I don't know how many of them sell at the prices asked, especially when the shipping and handling charges double the price. You are probably better off finding your own.

Unfortunately, the days of the 1100 watt transformers are pretty much over. All the current cheap Asian imports seem to have wimpy little transformers in the 500-800 watt range now. I have Christmas lights with more robust wiring that what I'm finding in the current production MWOs ;O).

However, you can parallel series strings of transformers that are relatively close in output voltage, and you can get a little more current out of them if you drive out the magnetic shunt laminations that you will find in the core spaces between the primary and secondary windings.


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Thanks for the advice but, I live in the middle of nowhere. If someone here can not help me I will have to go the ebay route.

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